Creating Prosperous Opportunities

P3Projects is the professional persona of Paul Penning. It provides a platform to objectively create, develop, implement, manage and support solutions for clients.

Engineering Precedes Action

A university graduate Master of Engineering (M. Eng / Dipl.-Ing.) with the proven ability to convert diverse and often unrelated hidden constraints into cost effective and efficient solutions.

Delivering system efficiency by increasing process effectiveness with less repetition and fewer errors.

Logical Solutions

By challenging boundary paradigms, fundamental questions lead to base re-evaluations. The bigger the question, the bigger the challenge, the better the solution.


Administrative systems function within the constraints set by customers, suppliers, operating standards, legislation and business models. By following a stream-based approach, fluid-flow principals are used to streamline processes and systems.

Maintenance strategies are incorporated to ensure optimal functionality.

Optimised Processes

P3Projects can be based locally or remotely depending on your needs and requirements. Operating hours are independent of base and synchronised with you and to your time.

Outside the Box is another Box
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